About the foundation

ONS works to create meeting places for the international energy industry, with a particular focus on innovation, energy efficiency and technological development. The foundation holds one event, ONS.

The ONS Foundation was established in 1974 by Stavanger City Council, Statoil, Stavanger Forum and the Norwegian Petroleum Society.

From the statutes:

”ONS shall function as an international meeting place for energy and offshore technology issues, with particular focus on innovation, energy efficiency and technology development. ONS shall contribute towards ensuring sustainable development by means of facilitating information, discussion and collaboration.”

“The foundation’s administrative functions are to be located in Stavanger. ONS events such as conferences, exhibitions and other affiliated activities shall be carried out here. ONS events shall be developed, marketed and carried out under a single, integrated profile.”

From its humble beginnings in 1974, the ONS concept has been marked by its ability to develop and build networks and close working relationships with the major international players in the industry. In this way ONS has established itself as one of the main meeting places for the global oil and gas industry.

ONS 2016

ONS is a world leading event for the international energy industry and comprises an exhibition, conference and festival. ONS was first held in 1974 and takes place every second year in Stavanger, Norway.

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