CEO of Statoil Eldar Sætre to speak at ONS

Eldar Sætre will address the main theme of ONS 2016, Transition, during the Opening Ceremony. Although the industry will experience significant changes in the future, Sætre sees them as opportunities, not threats. What he believes to be crucial, though, is to continue to recruit the brightest young minds to the energy industry.

“Fundamental changes in geopolitics, in the energy markets, in the oil and gas industry and in relation to climate, will characterise our industry in the time ahead. Changes may of course be perceived as a threat to our industry. I view most of them as opportunities to create value and growth. Statoil’s vision is to be a company that shapes the future of energy,” says Sætre.

Eldar Sætre, CEO of Statoil. Photo: Statoil/Ole Jørgen Bratland

Eldar Sætre, CEO of Statoil. Photo: Statoil/Ole Jørgen Bratland

“New markets are opening up, new technology is being developed and new opportunities are arising. Oil and gas will remain an important source of energy for decades to come. Our challenge is to produce oil and gas with a low environmental footprint and the highest possible carbon efficiency. At the same time, we must also grasp the opportunities available in renewable energy as a new platform for industrial value creation.”

Bright future for the NCS
How do you regard the future on the Norwegian Continental Shelf?

“We believe it is fully possible to maintain profitable, sustainable production from the Norwegian Continental Shelf at current levels until 2030 and beyond. The Norwegian Continental Shelf has seen significant revitalisation in recent years. This has resulted in a record-large project portfolio for Statoil, with over forty fields in operation. In addition, exploration activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf consistently deliver new discoveries – enough to rank it among the most prospective petroleum regions in the world. We are looking forward to future licensing rounds and the opening of new areas for further exploration,” Sætre states.

Sætre believes the industry on the Norwegian shelf needs to keep on building on its advantages and that collaboration is the key to continued success:

“The Norwegian Continental Shelf has proven that it can be competitive even in challenging times. We are well positioned in a global market, with good long-term potential. At the same time, we have an internationally competitive supply industry, and we are recognised as a world-leading competence cluster where the development of technologies has provided new, innovative solutions. It is important that we continue to build on these advantages. Our success will depend on our ability to collaborate, not only in Norway, but also with our international colleagues, with our partners and suppliers, and not least with the authorities and other stakeholders in the industry,” Sætre says.

“ONS is an important meeting place – and ONS Young is a key part of it”
Statoil was one of the founders of ONS, along with Stavanger City Council, Stavanger Forum and the Norwegian Petroleum Society. The company has been an important part of ONS throughout its history, as an exhibitor, through its participation in ONS committees and through providing insight from speakers at the ONS Conference.

“As one of the biggest offshore trade fairs in the world, ONS is an important meeting place for the industry and Statoil. The combination of the exhibition and conference makes this an attractive venue to bring together key stakeholders at various levels for useful interaction in varied arenas. The ONS spirit is open and collaborative, which also makes this a great opportunity to showcase our industry to the public. And the festival and all the other associated activities give everyone the chance to get involved,” Sætre says.

From ONS Young in 2014.

From ONS Young in 2014.

ONS and Sætre have a common goal to promote the energy industry to the next generation.

“I see the ‘ONS Young’ programme as a key part of the whole event. Tomorrow’s leaders are young people today. It’s crucial for the entire energy industry to ensure that we continue to attract the brightest young minds, who can bring fresh approaches to tackling the challenges we face in bringing affordable and sustainable energy to a growing world population,” Sætre concludes.

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