What does the fox say? Ylvis played at the ONS concert!

They’ve charmed the world – and they’ve had over 410 million hits on YouTube. Ylvis performed at the ONS concert on 27 August 2014!

The popular song and music video “What does the fox say?” has reached all corners of the world and appeals to all ages.
(Top field photo: Photo: Steve Marcus/Reuters/NTB scanpix)

Photo: TV Norge

Photo: TV Norge

Now all of Stavanger, both visitors to ONS and the public, will get the chance to experience Ylvis live in a spectacular concert in Stavanger town square, right by the harbour and the ONS festival area.

– We aim to make the concert so brilliant that the fireworks afterwards will be a let-down, says Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker.

An anniversary gift to the city
– This year ONS is celebrating its 40 year anniversary, so Ylvis will be our anniversary gift to the region and everyone at ONS. We hope this will be a huge celebration for young and old alike, comments festival manager Aase Tendenes.

IMG 0203[modified]The concert has been made possible by our jubilee partner, Eni Norge, and contributions from the Festival Alliance, all the boats in the harbour and the companies with pavilions at the festival, as well as the local hotel and restaurant industry. All the contractors supplying to the festival also contribute.

– So this is basically a huge chip-in party, explains Tendenes.

The concert will be held in Stavanger town square at 9 p.m. on 27 August and it’s free and open to everyone.