Great feedback about ONS 2016: 92 % of visitors are returning in 2018

A questionnaire done just after ONS 2016 confirms ONS is the place to connect with others in the industry: Nine out of ten exhibitors say they made new contacts. And a staggering 92 % of the visitors say they will come back for ONS 2018!

After ONS we sent out an invitation to participants at ONS to give us feedback. The results will be used to identify important areas to improve on and give us a good indication about the areas you consider valuable.

You’ll be back!
The survey shows that most of the participants are planning to come back for ONS 2018. Impressively, 92 % of visitors say it is likely or very likely they will come back. The satisfaction among visitors is one of the areas where we find an increase from 2014 to 2016.

Exhibitors know it is worth it
We are so happy for the feedback from our exhibitors, who say they are very pleased with the mix of relevant visitors present this time.

Not only did nine out of ten get new contacts, 83 % of exhibitors, already at this stage, say they will exhibit again in 2018. We interpret this as a strong indication that exhibitors experience ONS as a venue to enhance business. This result is reflected in the amount of exhibition space booked for ONS 2018 at this point, which is record high compared to previous years.

Conference success
Our work to create an unmissable conference programme has paid off. The satisfaction with the conference was strong in 2014, but has become even stronger after ONS 2016. The conference participants are pleased with the programme, and states that it is an important reason to attend ONS.

The survey show that ONS participants strongly agree to the statement: “ONS is the leading energy meeting place.” This is music to our ears – and we promise we will continue to develop and improve the ONS event in the future.

Book stand for ONS 2018.

Facts and figures about ONS 2016

  • g2modified65 718 people visited ONS 2016.
  • 1 241 companies from 40 countries exhibited at ONS 2016.
  • 1 080 delegates on an average per day at the main conference.
  • A more extensive conference programme than ever, with 500 presentations on seven conference arenas.
  • More than 6 000 people attended the sessions at ONS Centre Court.
  • Technical Sessions: 1 050 people attended the 20 sessions over three days.
  • Young: 2 110 participated at the ONS Young arena.
  • Festival: the free after party for everyone in the harbour area has been bigger and more professional than ever. 14 pavilions offered food and culture Monday through Wednesday and thousands attended the concert with Karpe Diem and the fireworks after Wednesday night.
  • Summit: the ONS Summit Meeting gathered more than 100 top leaders of governments, corporations and academia from 25 countries
  • ONS International Markets presented by INTSOK: 815 delegates on 10 country sessions. More than 300 B2B meetings.
  • Journalists: 202 journalists from 14 countries
  • Innovation Awards: TechInvent and Island Offshore/Centrica
  • Best Stand Awards: Norwegian Petroleum Directorate/Ministry of Petroleum and Energy winners for stands 50 square meters or larger, and Vestteknikk winner for stands smaller than 50 square meters.

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