Session 1: Technological quantum leaps: how technology changed industries

When: Tuesday 30th August 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM

Where: Hall 6

Parallel sessison - see speakers & information

In this session we look into how other industries delt with new challenges; how innovative use of existing and new technology helped them survive the transition and achive their goals. There are bound to be lessons to be learned for the oil and gas industry here…

Christopher Hoftun150


Christopher Hoftun
Chairman and CEO, Mars Institute


Dag Øyvind Meling - profilbilde

Dag Ø. Meling
CEO, Roxel Group AS



Gary Martin


Gary Martin
Director of Partnerships NASA Ames Research Center, NASA

Apollo and Beyond


Baard Rosvik


Baard Røsvik
Business Development Manager, Semcon Devotek AS, Kongsberg

Successful Innovation




Øystein Stray

A complete view of Big Data


Jean-Marc Launay


Jean-Marc Launay

CEO, RobotNorge AS
Robotics in the automotive industry


Asgeir Sørensen NTNU
Prof. Asgeir Sørensen
Director, NTNU & AMOS – Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems Department of Marine Technology

Autonomous marine operations – a technology platform for (trailblazing) ocean space


Thor Ole Gulsrud


Thor Ole Gulsrud
Project manager, Norway Pumps & Pipes / IRISPumps & Pipes

Similar challenges – different approaches




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