Session 5: Technological quantum leaps in the oil and gas industry

When: Tuesday 30th August 13:00 PM until 15:00 PM

Where: Hall 6

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How are the oil and gas industry dealing with the current challenges such as lower margins and lower emmissions; are there any technological quantum leaps in the mix? In this session we look into how other oil and gas companies are approaching the challenges through implementing new and cutting edge technology in order to prevail – and giving technology companies ideas for new markets for their technology.

Dag Øyvind Meling - profilbilde


Dag Ø. Meling
CEO, Roxel


Christopher Hoftun150


Christopher Hoftun
Chairman and CEO, Mars Institute


Michael Furlong


Michael Furlong
Researcher, Intelligent Robotics Group, Ames Research Center, NASA

Intelligent Robotics & Exploration


Babur Ozden
Babur Ozden

CEO, Maana

Knowledge, the new frontier in industrial asset optimization

Maana will reveal how some of the largest oil & gas companies in the world including Saudi Aramco, Shell, Chevron and GE Oil & Gas are using the Knowledge Graph to accelerate knowledge and increase profitability.

Vetle Vinje
Principal Research Geophysicist Subsurface Imaging, CGG Services Norway

Towards a step-change in seismic marine acquisition design by broadband modelling, processing and imaging


Per Lund2_small

Per Lund

Senior Vice President, Innovation & Special Projects, Odfjell Drilling

Innovating in troubled times: why would you risk introducing a drillfloor robot in the world’s most efficient drilling operations?


Kenneth Mikalsen

Kenneth Mikalsen
Chief Technology Officer, Robotic Drilling Systems

Drilling and Robotics combined into quantum leap technology


eDrilling Solutions
Sven Inge Ødegård
COO, eDrilling

Drill Well In Simulator – Life Cycle Drilling Simulations including Real time simulation and decision support, is the future system to optimize the drilling and well operations

Mike Byrne_small


Michael Byrne
Global Head, Rock Properties Group, Lloyd’s Register

Challenging Conventional Wisdom on Well Performance and Prediction



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